Levels of Shell Completion

Concrete Shells are offered at 4 levels of completion

  1. Base Shell: Concrete shell with wood interior
  2. Dry Shell: Base Shell with finished, watertight exterior
  3. Warm Shell: Insulated Dry Shell with heat, lights, and drywall
  4. Finished Shell: Complete turnkey structure ready to be occupied

Once the Base Shell has been cast, the structural requirements for the project have been satisfied. You can choose to take over at any time.

We offer discounts on our Shell products when they are combined with a basement, pool, hardscape, or additional retaining walls. All of our Shells are offered with per square foot pricing so that you can manage you and your client’s budget more accurately. Our Shell projects don’t tend to have any surprise costs that blow up a budget.

About Basement Shells

A Sollars Home Shell is an especially viable option for commercial and multi-family projects where the ability to use concrete walls to meet fire code is especially attractive and time saving.

A seasoned Foundation Subcontractor that exceeds expectations

We are concrete experts. We can be your go-to subcontractor for many types of residential and commercial concrete work, such as, basements, pier and grade beam foundations, retaining walls, hillside work and more! Remember, a basement is nothing more than a “Shell” without a roof. Therefore, we can offer General Contractors a basement base shell that comes with framing, plumbing, pumps, electrical all included.

We get all projects “out of the ground” quickly

We own heavy equipment and are experts in earth moving as well. We also do utility trenching, drainage, pier drilling, waterproofing, and backfill to support the installation of our concrete. We can be especially cost effective when we are the first contractor on the job. We do decorative concrete, pavers, natural stone, and masonry work as well. If you need hardscape installed as part of your project, in any shape or form, we are the company to call. We hold the Class A and Class B contractors license classifications which means that we have the capability and experience to handle your project.