Why should an architect work with Concrete Shells?

If your Client is interested in exploring the option of a concrete home instead of a wooden home, we can give you budgetary numbers based upon your architectural designs and a set of specifications for the finish items. We can work with your engineering team to provide “value engineering”, or we can provide the structural and civil plans stamped by a licensed engineer. When we own these plans, projects move faster and suffer from less hiccups. We create a 3D model of each structure as part of our standard methodology, so the plans we create are more detailed than a standard plan suite and this lets us produce a set of plans that contain less errors and omissions.

Structural Design

Even if you have a structural design already, in many instances, we can include the cost of the structural engineering in our bid and still be cost competitive while preserving the benefits a concrete home offers over a wooden home.

Architectural Features while Meeting Budget

We can provide what would normally be considered as outrageous features at a reasonable cost.

Since a Concrete Shell has “the strength of a skyscraper”- the increased structural integrity allows for outrageously cool new designs to become economically feasible.

Designing with concrete opens up new design styles: IMAGINE

  • Ubiquitous water features
  • Irrigated planters
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces that flow into each other
  • Cantilevered patios
  • Indoor-outdoor pools
  • Balcony pools
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Atriums
  • Walls and floors of glass
  • Underground pools and caves
  • Floating elements
  • Secret passageways
  • Indoor waterfalls and plant features
  • Safe rooms

Think about it: more steel and concrete = more strength = less supporting beams and other less attractive structural features

We can work with you in the role of the General Contractor to complete your custom designed project for your client, however, we prefer to work with you in a design-build capacity where we own the structural and civil plans so that we can provide value engineering

Cost Control

A Concrete Shell is cost competitive for all projects but can be especially cost effective in the following project types:

    • Some or all of the structure must be inset into a hill
    • Single or two story commercial shells where concrete fire walls can be used
    • The project has rigorous structural requirements
    • The project has a basement
    • The project has a high content of “architectural concrete”
    • The design requires a large amount of structural steel to implement (i.e. moment frames, long spans, etc)
    • The project has a substantial amount of site concrete (retaining walls, pool, decks, etc)

Please watch the video below for detailed technical information regarding our patented technology. Stemming from our parent company, Sollars Home,